We all love it when we get value for money so get the most out of your gel manicure by following my top aftercare tips. 
There are so many different gel products on the market today with many brands offering up to six weeks chip free nails! However despite these claims, this does not mean that your nails are bomb proof for six weeks and will therefore require some TLC. 
You don't need to invest a large amount of money into a good hand & nail care regime however, looking after them will not only increase the longevity of your manicure but, it will also help keep the skin and natural nails looking perfect.  
Invest in a cuticle oil- why not support your nail tech and purchase one from them! They will most likely be supplying a super hydrating one that is compatible with the gel products they use. You can find my favourite cuticle products below. 
Wear gloves when cleaning- You should be doing this anyway to protect the skin on your hands but not only will the chemicals in the cleaning products discolour your nail colour they will also cause premature lifting. Gloves are important! 
Limit exposure to water- water softens gel which make it more bendy and prone to lifting or splitting. If you are having a soak in the bath then read a magazine and try and keep your hands out of the water and again wear GLOVES when washing up. 
Do not 
Pick at your nails- as annoying as they are when they start to lift, picking at them will cause long term damage to your natural nail. Speak to your Nail Tech who should be more than happy to book you in for a nail repair or a soak off. 
Use your nails to scrape and lift- Gel nail products are designed to be flexible and to flex with the natural nail. This causes less trauma to the natural nail when you knock or catch it (as we all do). Even though they may feel really strong they will split and break if you use them like they are tools  
Go anywhere near acetone- Acetone is what is used to remove gel & acrylic product from the nails and in some cases acetone can remove gel in 5 minutes! It melts the gel product and will weaken the structure and dull the shine. Invest in an acetone free nail polish remover for when you are painting your toes or over your gels. 
My top nail tip for when your nails start to lose that just finshied shine is to use an acetone free nail polish (important) and apply a normal top coat nail polish. Don't forget to apply abit of cuticle oil too (once the top coat has dried) to hydrate the cuticle area making them look fresh and brand new again.  
My favourite cuticle products 
Navy Professional Cuticle Balm- The most beautiful smell and it is so nourishing to the nail & skin.  
Izabelle Hammon- Always a favourite and recommended with any Calgel manicure.  
Jessica Phenomen Oil- Super hydrating and light.  
NAF Stuff cuticle pens- Watermelon & Lavender are my fav's (sorry I couldn’t choose one!) 
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